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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Downtown Development Continues

Finalists Chosen for Pittsburgh Cultural District Master Plan

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has announced the selection of four finalist teams to master-plan, design and develop the new Cultural District Riverfront Development. The development consists of a six-acre, two-block site located on the downtown waterfront in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, a 14-square block area bounded in part by the David Lawrence Convention Center and the Allegheny River. The district is within walking distance of the central business district, and a major-league ballpark, as well as being home to five major theaters and other amenities.

Architectural Record News
Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome to Pittsburgh Nation

"Pittsburgh Nation" is a blog intended to foster discussion about the past and current achievements of Pittsburghers, and the good news coming out of our city.
Over the past few years, I have felt the growing need to brag about Pittsburgh to everyone who would listen. I hope that "Pittsburgh Nation" will give many of you a forum to do the same.
As this is my first post, I am fighting the temptation to write paragraphs about the great things that Pittsburghers have accomplished. I am sure that a lot of that stuff will come out in future posts.

Instead, I would like to use this first post as an opportunity to welcome you, and to explain what this website is all about. ( I am very proud of how professional this website looks, and it is all thanks to my brother Jonathan at )

The "Campaign for a Proud Pittsburgh" is a series of slogans taking advantage of our tendency to compare ourselves to other cities, and our general feeling of inferiority. We like to dwell on what we are not and what we haven't accomplished. The campaign is designed to turn that on it's head.

I intend to put a new campaign slogan on this site every 1 to 2 months, and I hope that each slogan will inform and inspire visitors to the site.

we're not manhattan

The first slogan of the series, points out that Pittsburgh's steel, glass and aluminum industries played an enormous role in the constuction of America's great cities. A flash movie of the slogan can be seen by clicking the campaigns section to the left.

The next slogan will point-out the following fact:

  • We Didn't Cure The Common Cold

In addition to the slogans, I would like to give people the tools to spread the word about this city. I will include photographs ( taken by Jennifer Pearce ) that highlight our beautiful city. I will create downloadable computer wall paper, screensavers and e-postcards.

I will include links to some great Pittsburgh websites and news stories.

Finally, I will have an online store where you can purchase shirts, hats, magnets, etc. with the slogans on them. I view these items as mobile billboards for city pride. My great hope is to see these t-shirts / hats all around Pittsburgh and even on the streets of other cities.
I have made every attempt to purchase American made merchandise, and all printing and embroidery will be done in Pittsburgh.
This website has been created without any outside funding. I hope to recoup my costs over time with product sales. Your online purchases will help to ensure this campaign's success.

Please click on the comment link below to post your thoughts. All subjects are open.

Thank you for visiting the site and reading this post.

David Morgan, AIA

american workhorse, llc

Next Post: The City That Built America

Proud Pittsburgh Propaganda
Painting Plastering Faux Finishing in Pittsburgh - Morgan Improvements
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